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Located just minutes from the City of Lethbridge, Serenity Equestrian is the perfect escape for many looking to experience a deep connection to horses. From picture perfect vistas to amazing company you are sure to find what you are looking for and we have a lot to offer! Welcome to lifetime of safe, fun, progressive natural horsemanship.

“Serenity Equestrian is Natural Horsemanship.”

Serenity has always enlisted the horses to help us connect with the best part of who we are and each other. Come and see what we are all about. We know you will feel the same.

10% of communication is verbal the other
90% is body language. Working with horses teaches
you to work on the other 90%.

Come to Serenity and learn how to use emotion as information, listen to your horse (and your body), master your boundaries and assertiveness, and develop Emotional intelligence.


Offering camps for all ages and levels of experience.

So, whether you are already familiar with horses but sense there is more, or you’re a beginner, there is a place for you in our horse community.


We offer group lessons for students who would like to get serious and ride weekly. 

Running from September to June . Three 1.5 hour lessons per month 
 $220 per month. 

*Class times to be announced. Mostly after school and weekends.

There is always something happening

Whether you are just starting your equestrian journey or a seasoned rider, Serenity Equestrian is here to help you in your journey. From horse riding, driving carts with mini horses to clicker training horses and dogs there is always something exciting happening at our facility.

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